8 Things every Father should teach their son

domestic duties. 
domestic duties.

#7  Help him to master domestic duties. 

Of course, this is about tiring a tire, shaving and ironing are shirts. Although now your son can find the answers to any questions he has on the internet, it will be much better if he learns this from his father, yes it’s his father and no one else can teach his son that a man can also cook. well at least in order not to die of hunger.

view of the world.
view of the world.

#8. help him to find is own view of the world.

you don’t even of to do anything special, just be there from time to time and talk to him. the child needs to understand that there is not only the mom with the requirements and expectation but also another person with a different approach. of course when it comes to upbringing parents should be on the same side, but regarding views of the world their philosophy can be very different, and this is very normal.

with the father’s help, the child will see that there are different points a view of the same things.

and he will also learn to analyze and form his view of things.

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