Top 10 Ways To Melt Her Heart

A important part of a relationship is being a good boyfriend. Being a good boyfriend means going beyond the regular everyday acts . These are genuine ways to also melt a girls heart .


1.Do something for her without her asking.

Small things can go a long way , dont have to buy her anything . The most genuine act is doing something that you know she would appreciate . You can do something simple like washing the dishes , making her breakfast or coffee in the morning . Something as simple as this can go a long way .


2.Tell her when you’re thinking about her.

If she is on your mind dont be afraid to tell her . She will probably blush and there is a good chance she been thinking of you as well and if she weren’t , you will totally be on her mind now .


3. Order something for her

The next time you are out together at her favorite cafe or restaurant . Order for her remembering exactly how she likes it.


4. Whenever she is feeling down

Be there for her , listen to her and try hard to make her laugh . When she need you the most be there for her .


5. Hold her hands

When you walk together hold her hands , sometimes even while watching a movie hold her hand .

6. Offer to fix something at her place that you realize is broken.

If you have visited her place you may have seen something broken or even in a conversation she may have mention something , this is your chance to offer to fix it for her .

7. Just to say I Love You

Nothing makes a girl day more than a guy just calling her just to say ” I LOVE YOU” .

8. Let Her Know you’re Listening

They say woman like to talk , but they want to be heard . She dont want you to be thinking about other things while she trying to talk to you , so put that phone away and give her your full attention . She is talking to you because she is comfortable with you and she wants you to care . So even if you dont care about what she is saying still give her that respect and listen .


9. Let Her Know You Notice her

You know a girl will dress up for you , and she wants you to notice small changes she may make to her hair .


10. Cook Her Something Special

Instead of going out to eat , you can cook something special for her . You can cook her favorite mean or make her a  beautiful cuisine that you know she will love and appreciate . If you live together you could even make it a  surprise dinner date .

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