8 Things every Father should teach their son

man to man conversation
man to man conversation

# 3. Have a man to man conversation about love 

This point follows on from the previous.
Let your son know all about this all-powerful feeling called love, from a masculine heart to heart conversations, when the time comes.
For a teenager, this will be a valuable gift, for a father to talk to him about his first love and his first date.
So he doesn’t rush things and he waits for the right girl to put that spark in his heart.
Teach him how to fight back 
Teach him how to fight back

# 4. Teach him how to fight back 

 A father is the only one who can properly teach his son how to be strong and firm.
To stand up for himself and what is right.
He can train him when to detect when it’s worth standing up so that the offender won’t want to get near him and also how to detect when he should just ignore someone trying to provoke him and just walk away.
He should show his son and lead by example, that kindness is not a weakness.

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