12 People Who Clearly Don’t Care Anymore

Letting go on the emotion that makes you care what people think is something . In our society we are expected to behave a certain way and goes by certain rules .

We all may get that feeling every now and then , but some people just dont care and they wont start caring today .

These 15 people who clearly don’t care anymore . 


 1. Why be mainstream


Never too old to be a cool kid


2. Lol this Guy


This guy is fed up of all them rules


3. Yoga the true way

True relax way to yoga


4. Just Another Day Clearly 

This guy is my Idol .


5. He Skip every Gym Day

Waiting for Winter maybe


6. Funny T shirt Grandma 

This is probably legit 🙂


7. We got you Fam


If you cant tell the difference no  need for it imo.


8. Nothing Can stop me now

This man is going to sit wherever he wants


9. Always a good day to enjoy the pool

Cool people

10. Never skip drinking day




11. When you got to let everyone know

Making all the other male feel intimidated


12. Cooling down 


12. This is more important

Keep waiting please, just finishing up some work here



What do you think?

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