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Guys are a bit more easy to forgive than girls and guys have to jump through more hurdles just to make it right.

Girls be crazy but they are worth every ounce of it. 

Girls can be Crazy but thats why we love them
but dont make them change you too much. 

You have to be careful what you say or you may 
never hear the end of it lol. 

Now thats just Crazy lol. 

 funny relationship memes

Bae May be crazy but she loves you. 
relationship memesThis funny relationship meme is so cute. 

funny relationship memes
Got to love this.

relationship memes
sometimes no pants is best. 
funny relationship memes
A year in the relationship, and comfortable enough to 
poop in front of him.
funny relationship memes
 Cant help that bae loves you that much lol, 
just love him back. 
relationship memes
I totally agree, thats when it gets real, lol.
relationship memes
Every girl deserves a guy who looks at her 
everyday like its the first time he saw her, so true. 
funny relationship memes
Ex Girlfriends be like, He Downgraded. 

funny relationship memes
After you roast your girl and she say, 
no dant touch me.

funny relationship memes
This relationship is not good for me. 

funny relationship memes
He stopped struggling with laura and 
got him a lauren.

funny relationship memes

First day vs in a relationship.

funny relationship memes
Oh we will be sick together. 

relationship memes
lol, 20 funny Relationship memes, that you most see. 

Relationship Memes When bae Falls asleep and your bored. 

Memes -when-yo-girl-memewhen your girl got leggings on so you poke her 
from behind with your meat.

Memes-Relationship it wasn't a fart, my lower intestine blew you a kiss. 

relationship memes when your boo is busy but want all their attention but you
lowkey understand so you just of to wait. 

Relationship Memes lol this is so true. 

The_most_important_part_of_any_relationshipNot sure if thats the most Important part, lol 

relationship goalthis is more of a goal. 

memeNever text your ex 

when bae is acting like a baby when your baby is being a big baby. 

funny memesmost people want a perfect relationship, 
i just want a hamburger that looks like the ones in commercials. 

memes - kissing skills we need to work on your kissing skills. 

30-Memes-about-Relationship-2-Relationship-MemesWhen Bae gets a phone call after 10 pm. 

relationship memesPeople are not dating anymore, they just talk, 
catch feelings, have a great time for a while and 
then end up ignoring each other. 

memewhy the person you want the most play the most games
but the person you want the least do everything you want.

funny Me: * awe i think i like him*
Him: i like you

baby memes you can spend all day with your girl 
and she'll still look like this when you 
tell her you going out.

bird memewhen you're with bae and somebody's staring at him.

lol funny it took you 10 minutes to get home 
google maps says it takes 8. who is she.

funny -long-distance-relationship-memes_600-600im not single, im in a long distance relationship 
cause my bf lives in the future...

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