15 Halloween Makeup ideas

Sexy Halloween Look

  1. Sultry  and sexy eyes for Halloween .

Super Cute Ones , Halloween makeup Ideas



I cant get over how cute this look very animal like but still sweet. So if you girls want to be a cute cat for  Halloween ,  this one is golden.

The Artsy Ones


3. This eye makeup is real art , if you want to try something cool and interesting ,get it done by an professional .

4 . Beautiful is the word , this is a great choice and reason it is on this list .


5. How creative is this eye makeup? I am just like OMG this is real art .

6. This is not just pretty its cool and creative make a great choice ,

The Mermaid Makeup for Halloween

7. Her makeup and hair perfection . This is the kind of mermaid makeup we all can agree to is beautiful and worth trying this Halloween .

8. Under the sea anyone ? beautiful mermaid makeup ideas for Halloween . This one will win over everyone’s heart no matte the age range we all wanted to be a mermaid at some point in life .

9. If blue or pink didn’t do it for you , why not be a purple mermaid 🙂 . Purple can go with lots of colors and this makeup is beautiful  .

The Fantasies Makeup Ideas


10. Cant get over how beautiful this is  and how many work must have been put into it .

11. Soft touch of pink , so delicate, romantic and beautiful and it adds that extra touch of fantasy to your life if you give it a try .


12. Shade of green , green eye and lips is not an everyday thing and usually dont work well but in her case its does , its beautiful and reminds me of poison ivy one of one of my favorite Super-villain .

13. This is just simple beautiful

The Scary Ones

What is Halloween without something scary , here are two ideas for your scary look . These two makeup ideas still bring out your femininity even if a bit scary .


15 .



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