15 Halloween Makeup ideas


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Sexy Halloween Look

Super Cute Ones , Halloween makeup Ideas

I cant get over how cute this look very animal like but still sweet. So if you girls want to be a cute cat for  Halloween ,  this one is golden.

The Artsy Ones

This eye makeup is real art , if you want to try something cool and interesting, get it done by an professional .

 Beautiful is the word , this is a great choice and reason it is on this list .

How creative is this eye makeup? I am just like OMG this is real art .

This is not just pretty its cool and creative make a great choice ,

source tumblr.com

The Mermaid Makeup for Halloween

Her makeup and hair perfection . This is the kind of mermaid makeup we all can agree to is beautiful and worth trying this Halloween.

Under the sea anyone? beautiful mermaid makeup ideas for Halloween. This one will win over everyone’s heart no matte the age range we all wanted to be a mermaid at some point in life.

If blue or pink didn’t do it for you, why not be a purple mermaid :). Purple can go with lots of colors and this makeup is beautiful .

The Fantasies Makeup Ideas

Cant get over how beautiful this is  and how many work must have been put into it .

Soft touch of pink , so delicate, romantic and beautiful and it adds that extra touch of fantasy to your life if you give it a try .

Shade of green , green eye and lips is not an everyday thing and usually dont work well but in her case its does , its beautiful and reminds me of poison ivy one of one of my favorite Super-villain .

This is just simple beautiful

The Scary Ones

What is Halloween without something scary , here are two ideas for your scary look . These two makeup ideas still bring out your femininity even if a bit scary .


15 .

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Halloween Makeup Ideas That are Actually Cute

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Claudia Alende , the Hotter Version of Megan Fox

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