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How To Apply Nail Polish Professionally : In 7 simple steps

If you want to apply nail polish and get that professional look then you need to prepare your nails like the professionals do .

7 Simple ways to get perfect nails

How to apply Nail Polish Professionally 


  1. Trim and File your nails 

How To Apply Nail Polish Professionally

Trimming your nails is one of the first step, it helps them be in the same length  and the length you would like . After you smooth the tip with he file . Dont ever skip this step this will smooth out the edges and give you that more smooth professional look .

Tip: Gently file your nail in one direction . Avoid going back and forth as this will create split nails and cracks . Gently file from left to right of the edges of your nails .

2. Optional- You can choose to trim or cut your cuticle like the professionals would do . If you have no experience in doing this it may be best to skip this step as you may damage your nail. Trimming may let your nail appear prettier but it doesn’t worth damaging them ratherthan trimming you can choose to use a a cuticle moisturizer that will make your dry cuticle look soft .

How To Apply Nail Polish Professionally trim nails

3. Clean your hands 

Before moving to apply nail polish its important to have a clean nails  . Be sure to clean your nails and remove old polish , use nail polish remover on your nails .. Now dry your hands and be sure there is no water remaining on your nails . Nail polish will apply better if your nails are dry .

4. Choosing your Nail Polish

Now its time to choose your nail polish , and in most case quality is the best option. You want to choose a nail polish that will give you that professional feel , look and will last longer on your nails .

  • In additional even be good to keep away from nail polishes which have the three chemical compounds — formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate — in them as these could cause destructive well being results over an extended time frame. Nevertheless, utilizing nail polishes with these chemical compounds in them each on occasion will not trigger a lot hurt. Should you put on nail polish continuous, although, it might be good to spend money on some polishes with out the standard chemical compounds. Essie and Butter London are protected polishes to make use of for an prolonged time frame therefore be sure to research or read the labels . 

5. Painting Your Nails

Now the fun part begins painting your nail . Like mention above , you want to use a quality base coat for your nails . Base coat will help your polish last longer . Apply thin layer of base coat and let it dry . apply base coat

Base coats wont only help the nail polish cling better to your nails but also prevent your nail getting stained by  the polish .

6. Now start applying the nail polish color you want . Apply the first layer , this may take up to 2 layers depending on the thickness of the polish . Dip your nail polish brush in the polish making sure you have enough polish . Apply the first stroke to the side , then middle and then the other side . Let this layer dry for maybe 2 minutes .

Apply second coat when the first is dry and use the same technique . Three even strokes , side , middle and side let dry .

7. Apply Top Coat 

After you are finish with your nail polishing now you need to add a top coat , this will give your nails a extra layer of protection to help them last longer and keep from chipping . Be sure that your nail polish is dry before applying top coat . Now let your nails dry restrain from doing anything until your nail is dry to prevent smudging .

Tips :

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