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10 Celeb Makeup Fails

10 Celeb Makeup Fails

Makeup places a big part in our daily lives, especially in the life of celebrities, who are constantly watched and judged, but even though they try their best to keep a flawless look, sometimes they do slip up and we got the skinny on this celebrity makeup fails.

1 Jennifer Lopez,
Jennifer Lopez is known for a lot of things, her beauty, talent and much more, but bigger things, but even the most beautiful can have a bad day.

2 Lindsay Lohan
You would think that Lindsay Lohan makeup fails would be on one of her mug shots, but this takes the cake and put a little icing on the top.

3. Lark Voorhies
Not sure what happened here, but it looks to me like Lark Voorhies was just about to try out for the ninja turtles movie, wonder why she didn’t get the role.

4. Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore will always be one of charlie’s cutest angels, but with her makeup fail, I could see her fighting crime with Batman.

5. Jennifer Aniston
Another beautiful and talented person, but I’m not sure who made those crop circles, or maybe Jennifer and ET are just good friends.

6. Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj has been always cute with that extra BA-dunk-a-dunk that get most guys week, but the zombies from the walking dead got nothing on you in this makeup fail.

7. Taylor Momsen
I wish I could explain why Taylor Momsen did this to herself or maybe it was her makeup artist, but whatever the case may be, looking at this makes me feel to run and hide.

8. Tyra Banks 
Tyra Banks is an icon when it comes to beauty and style, but looking at this makeup fail you would believe, she is the same person.
9. Nicole Kidman
This makeup fails made Nicole Kidman look like the grey lady
10. Pamela Anderson
One of the worst makeup fails for Pamela Anderson, but that’s not the last makeup fail for the bay watch queen.
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