Fashion and Beauty Trends we Hope Die in 2019

Some of these trends were cute at start but over the time they get excessively and ridiculous . These trends needs to die already.

Over the top Fake eye lashes 


Fake Lashes can help enhance our looks when done right . However our the top fake lashes can also look ridiculous .

Ridiculous Eyebrows

ridiculous eyebrows

Draw on eyebrows should not go over to 2018 .

Septum Piercing

This is definitely a crime against fashion . Not cute at all .

Over Plump Lips

Trying to get the most plump lips . Made popular by Kylie Jenner . 

Fur Shoes trend , really ?

These stupid things needs to go, these look ridiculous. This trend need to remain in 2017 .

Fast Food Fashion Trend

We may love junk food but do we really want to wear them ?

Sheer skirts with high-waisted underwear trend needs to go 

More popular among celebs but needs to stop also .

What do you think?

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