Sunscreen – Skin Protection

Sunscreen – Skin Protection


Sunscreen is very important for protecting your skin from harmful UV Rays, it doesn’t matter if you have fair skin are darker skin tone, so here I’ll list a few of the better sunscreen products for better skin protection from the sun UV rays.

  1. Neutrogena as a wide range of sunscreen products, but I recommended, Neutrogena – Age Shield face lotion, sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 110, I mostly recommend this because of the SPF it will keep you fully covered.

2. Banana Boat, Sports Performance Lotion Sunscreens with PowerStay Technology, this is my personal favorite I use it every day it stays on and last true out the day and feels comfortable on my skin but I only recommend the one with SPF 100+

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Personally, these are the two sunscreens that I use and I will only recommend these two if you know of any that works great for you feel free to comment and let me know.

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