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How to Clean Makeup Brushes and Sponges

How to clean makeup brush and sponge

For your daily beauty , makeup brush or sponge it is important to clean these regularly . If you dont clean these it can cause you to get a nasty break out from all the bacteria on your brush or sponge . These are some tips to clean your makeup brush and sponge using household items.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes and Sponges using household products : 

  1. Get a small bowl of water , add some gentle shampoo , preferable baby shampoo and lather , twirl it around then rinse until water is clean.  Run luke-warm water down the bristle try to avoid too much water getting to the base of the brush because this can ruin your brush glue.

Now that your brush is clean you can disinfect the brush using spray or anti bacterial soap and rinse with fresh water and lay flat to dry on a counter with bristle part hanging over .

Do this at least once a week to keep your brushes clean and your skin away from germs .

Cleaning your makeup sponge

  1. Wet brush under warm water
  2. used mild shampoo and lather sponge , work the product out the sponge using your fingers .
  3. Rinse sponge with fresh water until water is clear .
  4. Wring it out and put to air dry on paper towel

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