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Should I Pop my Blister

Should I Pop my Blister

Blisters can be a major pain, especially when you want to pop them and you don’t know if you should are shouldn’t. The thing is they or 3 different types of blisters and some or more painful to pop than others. 

First of all, what are Blisters? 


A blister is a Small Pocket of body fluids, with can be Pus, serum or blood, within the upper layer of the skin. example image up top.  they are most likely caused by burns, force rubbing or freezing of the skin. 

As mentioned before, there are 3 different and I have listed the 3 types below. 

The Images below shows friction Blisters, Burn Blister, and Blood blister and we also give a description of what causes the blisters. 

A Friction Blister is Caused By the rubbing of the skin.
A burn Blister is caused when heat or oil touches the skin.
Blood-Blisters-on foot
A Blood Blister looks normal but with blood instead of liquid and is caused by bruising. 

 What are the Treatments for Blisters and should I Pop them?

Most Blisters caused by small burns or force rubbing of the skin. do not need to be looked at by a doctor. new skin will grow under the old skin or affected spot on the body and the fluid will be absorbed and the blister will despair.

Never pop a blister unless it’s large, uncomfortable, painful or likely to be irritated. because it can lead to some type of infection. the fluid keeps the affected area clean and moist and helps the new skin to grow. 

If you need to pop it. 

if you need to pop it or it bugs you when you look at it here’s how. 

1# first, sterilize a needle, you can do this by pulling the needle under flames until its red-hot or rinse it in alcohol, that way u don’t infect are irritate the skin or affected area.  

2# wash your hands and the area has clean as possible, then try to make a small hole to drain out the fluid.  

3# don’t remove the skin from the affected area, the new skin will need to be protected and it will hurt so just leave it alone.

4# apply antibiotic ointment/cream to the area. 

remember to keep an eye out and watch for infection. so you can clean the area if you of too. 

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