10 Pink simple nail art


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Pretty Pink Polka Dot Nail
The most cute pink with white tip and pink dots with the white dots on the pink part of the nails . Doted nails are cute but are one of the most easiest designs .

Soft Pink with spark and flowers

You comprehend what they say — a little sparkle goes far. Reward: This look doesn’t should be completely impeccable, so on the off chance that you don’t have a thoroughly relentless hand, you can in any case accomplish awesome outcomes.

Blush of Pink Nails

Super delicate pink with hot pink , this designs is perfect . This would fit with almost any personality, occasion or seasons ( winter nail art )  .

Pink Gradient Nail Art

This technique is quite popular now and of course we have to list it here . Choose two shade of pink that looks great together . Paint the two colors together onto a makeup brush and dap onto you’re nail .

Glam Nail

Not a lot of people will feel comfortable wearing all these bling up nail . This would not go well with traditional office work but for modern style and holiday this is a nice style . This style has lots of shine and gems and even thought may not be suitable for all still is beautiful and worth trying .

Pink and Bling

Another bling nail with lots of glitter .

Pink and Cute

This nail is great for wedding and formal event .

Rhinestone Nail Art 

This Rhinestone nail design is gorgeous great for formal event so not basic . This may seems like you spent a lot of time on it but the design is simple , matte nail and you used the gems to get this desire finish . This would also be beautiful without the gems .

Key Art

This is one of my absolute favorite , this is charming and its kind of romantic is you think of it . This is pretty easy to do as the nail polish already done most of the work all you need to do is add the key using some nail adhesive to create this adorable look  .
Pink nail with silver
This is creative and also simple .

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