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Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair

summer hairstyles for long hair


Its summer again , the time to shed all the old and in with the new look . Time for gym and maybe time tie for a new hairstyle / cut. When deciding a new look picking out the right new clothes and getting the right new haircut is essential when bringing in the new look . These are a few ideas to help with the transformation.

Lets start from head

New hairstyles ideas

summer hairstyles for long hair

Bob Cut Hairstyles for Round Faces , straight , heart , oval and square shape faces , choosing just that right one is a good start . These are a few choices , Bob Cuts are great for all age and face , its modern and versatile. When choosing a Bob Cut you can add a little color to the side swept bang front part of the hair . Like purple or blue highlights very fun colors . You can go with short or long bob depending on your personal style add curls in the back or keep your bob sleek. There is really no going wrong with bob hairstyle . Bob is like one of the go2 styles for most celebs who wants to get a new hair cut or for those who never have short hair and dont want to be too self conscious .


Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair braids

Braided hairstyles are always fun and can be done in creative ways . Also there are all sort of braided hairstyles . I remember my first braid was when I went to the Caribbean and got some Jamaican African braids with beads , this may not be a style I would rock for a long time because not suitable for all occasion but it’s definitely fun for kids/teens on summer break vacation . That is just one sort of braids thee are plenty more option of braided hair to choose from to match any occasion . For ideas of formal braids styles see also these goddess braids ideas.

Long bangs with layered hair

summer hairstyles for long hair


Long layered hair are very elegant and a way to hide thinning hair. You can have a nice blunt bang or go with a smooth layered bang that start out short and get longer on the side . You will need to have this cut by a professional to at least get the right shape and you can have your stylist flat-iron your hair or you could do this yourself after at home . Works great on oval and heart shape face . For tutorials on how to flat-iron you’re hair the internet is a great place to get some videos such as youtube and instagram, .

Long Hairstyle

summer hairstyles for long hair

If you normally wear your hair short maybe you want to give long hair a try . Get good quality hair extensions or a well made wig . Get that sweet all american girl look . With long hair you can have thick bouncy hair by adding some extension to your hair . Have your long hair blowing in the summer wind . Long hair goes with all shape face and age.

Curly Hairstyles

summer hairstyles for long hair

May be a time to get your curling tools but not if your going to do a lot of water activity this summer . There are many way to achieving curly hair if you’re not naturally curly . The curling iron , heat protectant serum or spray .You could try hair mousse on wet or damp hair then wrap the hair like your making a bun or you can go ahead and used hair rollers. Another product you can used is gel to give those with curly frizzy hair a more define curls with less fly away. Getting a hairspray is nice to add shine and great finish touch but totally optional .

Straight and sleek hairstyles

These are always a popular choice . Goes with any wardrobe , lifestyle and personality . It’s very versatile and you can easily do this by using the right tools , flat-iron for your hair type and good blow dryer such as Chi blow dryers .Some of us can archive sleek and straight hair with just a blow dryer or naturally . Straight and sleek looks great on almost anyone . Get a nice setting spray to keep your hair in place , the summer is usually sweaty so you don’t want you’re hair to poof up .


Some tips for your hairstyles

1. If you have natural curly hair there are a few ways to get your hair curls to be define . You can used numbers of product depending on your curl pattern and hair density . Hair Mousse is great for those with natural loose curl patterns , a little damp hair and then apply mousse and and scrunch hair upward . if you have more of a tight curl/ kinky pattern hair you can used gel for maximum hold and definition .

2. Cornrow , one thing to make sure you do not do these too tight as they can sore your scalp . Do not leave cornrow in for too long as this can cause hair fall and itchy scalp . Make sure your hair is in good condition when doing cornrow style .

3. If you are going to get a layered haircut , its best to get it done from a professional if you are new to hair styling .Also this is even more crucial for straight hair because every mistake you make will be more visible than those of curly hair . If you have curly hair you can easily scissors cut your hair its simple even I can do it .

4. If you used flat iron be sure to used heat serum to lessen heat damage.

5. Hairspray is great for all style finishing look .

6. Some hairstyles wont look the same depending on texture . Like bob-cut may not look the same as it would do on straight hair . So keep that in mind if you have curly or more afro texture hair this may not look the same as it would look on rihanna .

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