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Some of the Most Successful Instagram models

Lindsey Pelas

is an Instagram model who also model for play boy ( like pretty much all the Insta Models ) . The blonde Bombshell build up her Instagram following to one million in six weeks .  Lindsey Pelas now has over 6 million followers , she uses her influence to speak out against slut shaming .


Claudia Alende


Claudia Alende is the Megan Fox lookalike , her having such a resemblance of the beautiful Megan Fox made her a internet sensation in 2015 . At only 23 Claudia has made a name for herself , and is said to be making over 2 million from her Instagram career . She even has mode followers than Megan Fox .


Matthew Noszka

Matthew Noszka has had sign champaign with Nike , he was just a full time student doing construction . He took a shirtless picture  with his dad and that kick start his career on Instagram . He now over 400k followers and have done major modeling contract for major names such as Calvin Klein , H&M  among many others .

Iskra Lawrence

After her first fail attemp to be a model , only to be drop because she was told she was too big . Iskra Lawrence is one of the most positive body models an  “ambassador of a much-lauded anti-retouching, body positive campaign” .

Ben Nordberg

Is a professional skate boarder and Model .

Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri Playboy Model is also a Instagram fitness celeb with well over 9 million followers . She own her own gym a,  has her own fitness e-books series and apparel line  . She earn somewhere between 3  million or more from Instagram .

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