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15 Amazing hairstyles for natural curly hair

Lots of woman with naturally curly hair will complain about how hard it is to style their curls . These are a few hairstyles that any woman with curls can do even if you’re curls seems unruly or flat . In my opinion curly hair is very versatile and it gives you a lot to play with, you can change your texture up and color without doing anything too permanent  .  Here are 15 amazing hairstyles for natural curly hair . These hairstyles are also great for woman with thick and wavy hair as well .


The Bantu Knot are pretty loose curls that looks like spring . This look is beautiful on long or short curly hair . It can be both classy and youthful and best of all no heat necessary . The best part about his look is if you have thick hair the better the curls will be and you can wear this style for up-to 3 days depending on you’re weather and how you maintain it at night .

2. Soft big curls , half up half down bun hair . This hairstyle looks is stylish and easy to do . You can used a nice curl setting spray to get a more define look but a little frizz , looks way more natural and beautiful .



3. Curly hairstyle with beautiful full bang . This is great as casual go too hair and also classy formal style as well . This naturally curly hairstyle is great when cut properly to create this layered look and bang .

4 . The classic low ponytail , this is my favorite easy style . Whenever I am feeling lazy this is the style I fall back on . Nice smooth pony tail  pull you’re hair to the back and let your natural curls


5. Straw curls , this is another technique to curl you’re hair . This hairstyle is fun and cute and will turn heads. This is most beautiful when you have thick body of hair .

6. Small bun at the top leaving the rest of the hair out . This style is suitable for all age and occasion .


7. Two strands flat twist a crossed at the front of your head . Letting the rest of you’re hair fall at the back showing off your natural curls . You could also buy a headband to go with this look if you cant braid .

8. One of my favorite hairstyles for natural curly hair is this big ombre twist out look . Its super cute and you can create a side bang or part . So much room to enjoy , great for school , work , night out basically this hairstyle is great for every day  .


9. Beautiful beach wave down you’re back . The pastel blue also adds some extra cuteness .

10 . High pony tail on loose beach wave curls lay at the back down .


11. High pony tail but this time the curls are push more to the front than back and there is a curly bang . This is nice casual hairstyle to just hang out with friends are a cute hairstyles for natural curly hair for school .


12. Flat twist , updo pony tail , this style is youthful and fun . This hairstyle is also super easy to do and will look awesome throughout the day .


13. This is elegant and formal

formal curly hair

14. Large crown Braid

15. Beautiful classy flat twist hair pull from the face. This long curly hairstyle is simple and elegant .


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