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Girly Bow Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bow hairstyles are super cute and great for casual and formal events . You could put a bow on you’re hair but you can actually make a bow from you’re hair . Bow hairstyles are so an work of art when done with you’re actual hair . Here are some inspiration bow hair you could try out .


bow hairstyles
bow hairstyles

This is just casual as they come , a fun big bow in the center of you’re head .


Formal bow hairstyle
Formal bow hairstyle

This bow is more formal , simple cute but still formal . Wear this to you’re formal dance and you will have all eyes on you .


bow hairstyle updo

This is beautiful a,chic and sleek , great for girls who like bun hairstyles .

Bow hairstyle

bow hairstyle
Beautiful formal bow hairstyle

What I love more about this bow hairstyles is how the curls fall below the bow . This hair is so romantic , I can picture myself at a ball with this hair dancing the night away or running through some beautiful wild flowers hehehe.


Young and fun bow hairstyle


Double bow , for all you edgy girls .This is more suitable for kids and teens . Two braids in the back is such a delight .


Girly bow hair
Girly bow hair

Side bow

This is one of my favorite of all , I love the little bow at the side , its not too over the top just a hint of kawaii . I like also the fact that anyone can wear it , its for all age group .

How to make a bow


On the image above is basically how you create a ow with your own hair . 6 simple step to achieving this creative kawaii style , where you place it is up to you , can get inspiration from the images above.

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