20 Romantic Wedding hairstyles

Romantic Hairstyles

20 Romantic hairstyles for your wedding day . After your dress+theme this is the next big thing on your to do list . We know how important the proper hairstyle is and your wedding day is no exception , you need something that will compliment your dress.

So if you are about to get married or just enjoy looking at lovely bridal hairstyles then you will enjoy this list regardless and maybe you will see yourself in one  of these styles or simple just get an idea of what you want  .

20 Romantic Wedding hairstyles


Romantic Wedding hairstyles

This beautiful up-do hairstyle is not only romantic and gorgeous but it is great for both inside or outside wedding .


Romantic Wedding hairstyles

This effortless and beautiful , the braid gives it that little extra something and the length of her hair is perfect for this look, falls so beautifully .

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beautiful Romantic Wedding hairstyles

Modern ,chic and romantic , would look great in all setting .

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Beautiful Romantic Wedding hairstyles



Romantic Wedding hairstyles for girls

wedding day hairstyle – This beautiful style uses pins to keep the curls in place .



Romantic Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

Romantic Wedding hairstyles – Loose updo hairstyle , dont forget your hair accessories .



Romantic Wedding hairstyles

Sleek Chignon updo



Romantic Wedding hairstyles with curls

This half up and down is always a romantic hairstyle . This hairstyle will never go out of style . Beautiful big curls down your back .



Romantic Wedding hairstyles for woman

Romantic hairstyle – Another beautiful loose updo , soft romantic curls side swept hair at the face . The right hair accessories and dress makes your big day even more memorable .

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Romantic Wedding hairstyles for natural hair

Curly romantic hairstyle – Curly textured tuck updo hairstyles . This soft textured curls at the side helps to add that romantic feel , I think this style would look great in a garden wedding setting .

Source going-natural.com


Romantic Wedding hairstyles with flower

At first glance I honestly thought this flowers were her hair , This is an example of having the riht hair clips , they can make such a difference . This look so beautiful and unique



What is an romantic list without some actual flowers in the hair . I think this tuck under hairdo is simple but so pretty . This style would do wonderful in a garden or beach theme .



Romantic hairstyles

Romantic Wedding hairstyles with flower Similar to the style above this is a tuck under bun hair with garden flowers going around the head . This is easy to do and wont make a lot of stress for you , Braid the end of the hair and tuck under .


7 .

Romantic hairstyles

Beautiful long braid hairstyle , beautifully lay at the side with romantic flowers accessories . This wedding hairstyle gives a fairy tale effect , great for out door wedding theme also could do well at a barn .

6 .

Simple bun with flowers


If you like big then this big fluffy hair will work great for you’re wedding .



Romantic Wedding hairstyles

This romantic wedding hairstyles updo is great for woman with curly hair as it still allow your curls to be visible and elegantly pin up .


Soft romantic wedding hairstyle with french braid and bun , This hair had more than one element to it , beautiful twist/braid and a nice loose bun with the right clip .



If you have full beautiful hair , you can wear it down . Properly style away the hair from your face and wear this simple charming style . This works best with inside wedding because we cannot control the weather .


Half up hair is one of the most popular for brides , This is beautiful for many reason , the way the hair falls and her hair curls are big and beautiful . She has the perfect hair accessories .


Also latest short hairstyles

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