Worse Countries to be born a woman

Worse countries to be born a girl 


The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, I dont think this is any surprise to anyone the average Afghan girl life expectancy is 45 . More than half of all brides are under 16, and one woman dies in childbirth every half hour.Home violence is so frequent that 87 % of ladies admit to experiencing it. However a couple of million widows are on the streets, usually pressured into prostitution. Afghanistan is the one nation wherein the feminine suicide charge is larger than that of males.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Within the eastern , a battle that claimed greater than three million lives has ignited once more, with girls on the entrance line. Rapes as a weapon of war . Many victims die; others are contaminated with HIV and left to take care of youngsters alone.  With out cash, transport or connections, they haven’t any method of escape.

Saudi Arabia: Women in Saudi Arabia do not get equal rights as men , woman are treated as lifelong depended of male relatives . They are not allowed to drive a car or nix with men publicly , break those rules and they suffer sever punishment .


Sudan: The life of Sudan women has worsen since 2003 , rape , abduction the janjaweed militias have used systematic rape as a demographic weapon . Making Sudan one of the worse countries to be born a woman . If a woman should marry a non Muslim , she could be sentence to death .

Iraq: Women who once went put to work now stay home fear of being kidnap . Girls and woman are the targets of these war . Most girls no longer go to school because of the fear .


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