Expectation VS Reality

Funny Expectation VS  Reality

(1.) what Puberty did to my friends, what puberty did to me.


(2.) Expectation Vs Reality.

funny memes

(3.) New years resolutions Expectation vs Reality

cat memes

(4.) cat memes

Expectation vs Reality

(5.) typing memes

typing memes

(6.) Relationship memes 

couple memes

(7.) this Halloween funny meme funny-v5-wm

(8.) dating girl with long hair

dating a long hair girl

(9.) sleeping in the summer sleeping in the summer

(10.) lol this is funny Expectation vs what you really get lol


(11.) funny memes funny memes

(12.) pretty girls vs potatopretty girls vs patato

(13.) online dating  online dating

(14.) the first snow the-first-snow-expectation-reality-quote-1

(15.) other girls in summer vs me summer-girls-comics-reality

(16.) playing games with friends games

(17.) funny quo






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