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9# Nine Celebrities that only got famous because of their body

9# Nine Celebrities that only got famous because of their body.

Not every Celebrity got their fame the same way and some Celebrities only got famous because of their body are their body ports. So here we have a list of 9# nine celebrities that got famous because of their body are is famous for their a body port. 

1# Kylie Jenner Lips.


Kylie Jenner is famous for a lot of things her makeup and lipstick just to name a few but what got her famous way when she did her lips and face surgery. but she got extra attention because of the sexy plump lips she bought. well, they do look great so good job. Kylie Jenner memes 

2# Kim Kardashian’s Butt

kim kardashian butt
Kim Kardashian butt

Kim Kardashian got famous because of a Viral Video she did with Rayj, yes we all know that video but Kim kept her fame after getting her Butt job. it was quite unusual at the time and guys seem to flack to her butt for some reason.

3# Caitlyn Jenner Gender Change.


caitlyn Jenner is Bruce Jenner and he is Kylie Jenner’s father/ mother or something along the lines. but he was a nobody until he did is gender change and turned himself into a female of the sort. now he is known by all. but fame comes with a cost. 

4# kate Upton Chest

Kate Upton chest
Kate Upton chest

Kate Upton is a very iconic lady and she has plenty of good assets but her chest is probably the most noticeable of them all.  

5# Jared Leto’s Hair

Jared Leto’s Hair
Jared Leto’s Hair

Jared Leto is a handsome man but his hair is even more beautiful and if you don’t know who Jared is, are cant remember him you will never forget is hair. 

6# Cindy Crawford’s Mole


If there as ever been a Famous Mole Cindy Crawford Mole is the most famous and she try’s to show it off every chance she gets. 

7# Miley Cyrus tongue  


Miley Cyrus wasn’t all that famous until a few years ago when she started to act freaky and stick out her tongue, but because of this, she has gotten even more fame. 

8# Dolly Parton Chest

Dolly-Parton chest
Dolly-Parton chest

Dolly Parton Chest is one of the most famous chests out there, and even in her old age, they are still busting out. even though she hasn’t been in the spotlight for a wild, her chest is still being talked about.

9# Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is the original big booty queen even though she isn’t as young as she was and her booty isn’t what made her famous but having a big booty sure helped.

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