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All over the world, web series are becoming quite popular these days. Most people look forward to catching up with new web series in their free time. Web series provides complete entertainment and are well explained compared to commercial movies and others. Web series are similar to movies but have a longer duration and thus cut into many episodes of shorter durations. The main reason for their increasing popularity is you don’t have to wait for more episodes. There are no ads and no certifications, unlike TV shows.

Everything is readily available on the internet; you need to download web series from a reliable website like thepirateproxybayAs watching such a series consumes a lot of your data, lower internet speeds could lead to increased buffering, spoiling the fun. Thus, downloading feature helps you to watch web series at not only high-quality but whenever you wish to see them without any lags. The best part for web series freak is you can binge-watch your favorite series’ next season on the same day of release.

Many popular and entertaining web series and applications provide top-rated series to their users. A few websites like the pirate proxy bay offer free web series, while others need a paid subscription.

Here is a list of the most popular websites for web series used by people from all over the world:

  • Telegram

It is a social media platform that is free and allows you to even chat, share files, and call with other users of telegram globally. But unlike a few other applications like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., telegram doesn’t limit the file sizes which could be shared. This has enabled many users to use this platform to share web series online.

  • Popcornflix

It is a free and simple video platform where you can find plenty of interesting web series and movies. The content on Popcornflix is unique and includes compelling documentaries, foreign films, original web series, and much more.

In more than 60 countries worldwide, Popcornflix is available free of cost. The web series could be seen through an application or can even be browsed.

  • Hulu

It is another web series platform with around 30.2 million subscribers from all over the world. It provides a few best movies and web series that you watch to have an amazing time with family or alone.

Hulu even offers the option of live TV, which could help you watch web series and other exciting content as and when released. It is a paid platform, and there are other options like Hulu Premium, Hulu Basic, AND Hulu + Live TV with different options.

You can download any good movies or web series on it by clicking on the downloaded icon simply.

  • YouTube
YouTube | Nintendo Switch download software | Games | Nintendo

It is the most widely used and well-known video platform where you can find almost anything, from videos, web series, and documentaries. A few of these can be watched free, but some must be paid for. YouTube even allows its users to download series and see them later if a stable internet facility is unavailable.

You can download any YouTube video by tapping simply on the downloaded option that is displayed under the videos.

  • Amazon Prime

It is a video platform of Amazon for users to watch several movies, web series, and Amazon-exclusive content known as Amazon Originals online. For users, some content is free, while most of them need subscriptions to Amazon Prime.

You can easily download any web series on Amazon Prime and see it later offline as per your convenience. 

There are some storage limit videos on Amazon prime, and when the limit exceeds, you need to delete a few downloaded contents to download new ones.

  • Netflix
Choose and download popular Web Series on Famous Websites

It is the most widely used application all over the world. This paid application offers you the most exclusive and best web series to all its users. Most of the web series released on Netflix is not available on any other platforms or websites.If you are looking for the best website to download high-quality videos of web series, do it by using the pirate proxy bay. They offer you all the latest content and a safer option for downloading as well.

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