Disney Princesses as Anime

I am a big Disney fan , and I love anime as well . So seeing my favorite princess as anime is very interesting .

1. Disney Princesses as Anime – Ariel The little Mermaid

Disney’s Ariel
Ariel The little Mermaid Anime Style

We all love the Original but we also must say the Artist did  a good job on making Ariel in anime style  and her nose more pronounce .

2. Snow White 

Disney’s Snow White
Snow White as Anime
Snow White as Anime

Again I love the original Snow White but I love the Anime look a lot more . Larger brown eyes and more modern hairstyle but still looks like the original .

3. Aaladdin’s Princess Jasmine

Disney Jasmine
Disney’s Jasmine
Jasmine as anime

I am loving the anime vibe he created , still so original but with that anime spark . Dont you agree she looks cool ?

4. Brave 

brave princess
Disney’s Princess Brave
Brave anime style

Brave as anime has a more elegant to her but still has a tough look . Larger eyes and even a more mature look as anime . Compared to the original I will say the anime version is cuter .

5 . Tiana

Disney's Tiana
Disney’s Tiana
Disney Princesses as Anime
Anime Tiana

Original Tiana is super cute but the anime Tiana is so kawaii . I like the dress on the original more because it sparkle a bit . Mari did a great job overall and the hair looks much better than the original .

6. Queen Elsa

Disney's Queen Elsa
Disney’s Elsa
Elsa as anime
Queen Elsa as Anime

He change the dress , I much rather the original blue dress in this case but like her anime eyes .

7. Cinderella 

Disney’s Cinderella


Cinderella as anime

The anime version looks more realistic but the original is still my favorite .

8. Sleeping Beauty Aurora

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Aurora
Sleeping Beauty Aurora as Anime Girl

I love sleeping beauty , one of my all time favorite princess . I like the anime version of her , very modern and cute also .


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