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People Doing Stupid Things

20 people doing stupid things



Maybe sh brain farted 

Nothing can go wrong here


Lets hope this is just a demonstration of what not to do with your chainsaw . 

Is English already the official language ? 

Just a little fun ..

Signs don’t have spell check 

Hold Still, lets make this quick 


Front wheel position will really hurt this guy if the car should fall .


Rip English

Guess you don’t need ladder when you can use the door …

Boxing match, who do you think won?

Paying for delivery is too much 



You have to be a really dumb to put the ladder up against the very tree you are chopping down


Only kids… Guess nothing can go wrong


So many things  can go wrong here but maybe he is the real “black lightening .”

What do you think?

10 Points

This Has got to be the most comfortable waxing video ever

Dwayne Johnson Threatened to Quit ‘Rampage’ Over Original ‘Sad Ending’