12 People Who Regret Getting Their Tattoo

Tattoos are meant to last forever, so when getting a tattoo we have two type of people. We can think long about getting a tattoo or we could be the type that just yolo it . Well some of those people will later regret where they get those tattoos . 


1. Just a baby holding a thumb 

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2. You may not want to point that out buddy 


3. Thanks for letting us know


4. This tiger is rethinking everything 

5. This wolf looks like its in pain

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6. This is just bad, Poor Marilyn!

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7. Clearly a fun guy

8. A cupcake taking a shit on your leg

9. Have my eyes on you


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You ever feel like somebody’s watching you?

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10. Is that a crack or a door?

11. What is this supposed to be?

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12. Forever a  cool kid

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