Photos that will make you say WTF

Photos that will make you say WTF

Not sure how he got in the chair but he sure won’t get out

funny photos

This could happen to anyone right, lol maybe not but at least we can laugh about it together 

guys come on don’t wear stuff like this

funny old man

guys or not supposed to have booty but that’s just outrageous 

not sure whats going on here but I like it

I don’t think that’s the best place to cop a feel but who doesn’t like to touch lady parts 

taylor swift what are those

taylor swift

No wonder Taylor Swift can’t keep a man, whats with those granny panties 

FERGIE what happen


Did she piss her self, Oh well shit happens 

OMG lol

That’s what happens when you cant Offord a boob Job 

that’s what happens when you wine on a pit bullj lo

Who wouldn’t get hard for J Lo 

madonna almost as old as the queen

blondes right

when you have

Blondes have more fun, I guess 


The New way to drink wine 

What do you think?

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Rihanna Fashion Gallery

kylie Jenner lip challenge fail