Some Of The Most Outrageous Desserts Across America

From ice cream , milkshake , Toast these are some of the most outrageous Dessert in America.


Alabama: Cotton Candy Milkshake


You look at this and you may think you going to die after eating all that. I am not sure anyone has ever eaten all this in one sitting. If you love sweet then you will think you went to heaven. Cupcake , cotton candy, Whipped Cream, Sprinkle and some more sugary treats. Source


Massachusetts: Cube Toast

HK style PB stuffed French toast w/ red bean and matcha ice cream doublechin. Asian Cafe in Boston, this is their signature Cube Toast.


Arkansas: Pie Sampler

Look how delicious this look , you cant decide which pie to eat. At Fork & Crust Pie you can create your own plate Pie. Dig in no worries on what you may prefer , choose 7 slice of pie.

Orlando: Lollipop Tree


This tree is made up of cheesecake pops that are served with bubblegum whipped cream at The Edisoon. The lollipop tree is unique and creative way to share and hang with friends or family.


Hawaii: Mahalo-Halo Drink

Image @magicpineappleshack

If you are an ice cream fan, then this is for you. The sugary taste sip on a hot day is perfect for summer.


Indiana: Donut Ice Cream Sandwich


You thought this was only a thing in foreign countries? well now you know you can get it here in the US. Get this delicious dessert at Yummi Bunni

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