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Top 10 Freaky Food People Eat

 Top Ten Freaky Food People Eat

People have been known to eat a variety of freaky foods from spider to duck embryos. and that’s just the start, 

1. Balut


let me just start by saying this is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. that Said Balut delicacy in Southeast Asia Mostly eaten by the People of the  Philippines, Thailand, China and a few other Countries, the Balut is basically Duck babies are the duck embryo.

2.casu marzu Cheese

casu marzu

casu marzu cheese is Basically rotten Cheese Crawling With Live Maggots, The Cheese is left outside so that cheese fly can lay their eggs inside and is said to be unsafe to eat if the maggots have died. so they eat it with live maggot worms.

Casu Marzu is considered a Sardinian Delicacy.

3. Insects and Worms

eat insects and worms

The truth is there are plenty of countries in the world that eat insects and worms and they even love the taste of them, The Agave worm is one of the main bugs that are eaten worldwide, Agave worm is typically found in trees.


4. Cockroach


You would really wonder who would eat a cockroach but cockroaches have been known to be cooked and eaten in various ways. and is even been eaten here in the USA. 

5. Kiviak


Kiviak is a delicacy and traditional food in Greenland and is made of auks fermented in a seal skin. and left under a rock for 3 months before there eat for weddings and birthday. 

6. thousand-year-old egg

the thousand-year-old egg also known as century egg is a Chinese delicacy. the Egg preserved in clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls.

7. fried spider

fried spider

I get the Creeps just by seeing a spider on the wall but the fried spider also called A-ping is an Asian delicacy and is enjoyed by the locals and tourist looking to try some freaky foods. 

8. Smalahove


Smalahove are sheep head is a Norwegian traditional dish made from a sheep’s head, and is eaten before Christmas.

9. Escamole

escamole ant larvae

Escamole is ant larvae cooked harvested from the roots of the Agave tequilana or Agave americana plants in Mexico, Escamole is Consider a delicacy in Mexico and eaten in many restaurants. 


10. Baby mouse wine


baby mouse wine is a Chinese, Korean wine, that’s made by taking baby mice from their mothers when they are newborn and stuffed in a bottle of rice wine. 

we all hate mice but this is gross. if you want to see more top ten go here 

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