How can I hide my arms in a swimsuit?

The first step to hiding your arms in a swimsuit is finding the right one. There are many long sleeve swimsuits that you can buy for this purpose, and they come in different styles. They also come with different features, such as UV protection or wetness protection. Once you find the perfect swimsuit, it’s time to get ready!

What are long sleeve swimsuits called?

A long sleeve swimsuit is typically called a tankini. You can find them at many department stores, such as Macy’s or Nordstroms, and online retailers like Amazon.

  • Tankinis are a great option if you want to hide your arms.
  • They have two parts: the top and bottom with built-in support for breasts or chest, and they usually come in solid colours or prints like leopard print.

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Find a swimsuit that is fitted and has sleeves:


If you have long arms, finding a swimsuit with sleeves might be difficult. But don’t worry! There are plenty of options for people who want to cover their skin when they’re in the sun. If your favorite suit is sleeveless or has short sleeves and you want more coverage, try these tips when picking out a cool swimsuit that covers arms:

  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Wear a swim shirt with long sleeves.
  • Add an arm cuff to your suit (think of it as the female version of man’s board shorts). You can find these at most clothing stores, and they are relatively inexpensive.
    Tip: An easy way to avoid tan lines on your arms is by wearing sunscreen on them.

Layer with a tank top or t-shirt to cover your arms:

Many people have the problem of being too self-conscious to wear a swimsuit, especially if they are someone who has some sort of body anxiety. It’s understandable because most girls and women don’t want their arms on display in public when wearing a bathing suit since it could make them feel embarrassed or ashamed. One way that you can hide your arms in a swimsuit is by layering with a tank top or t-shirt.

Obviously, long sleeve suits are the best choice if you don’t want to show your arms at all, but those can be very expensive and tough to find, so it’s just not possible for everyone. Layering underneath a bathing suit is cheaper and easier than shopping for a long sleeve swimsuit, and it can offer the same effect, especially if you’re someone who is just going to be swimming in your suit.

If you feel like layering won’t do enough to hide your arms, then try adding a short-sleeved shirt on top of that tank top or t-shirt. This will easily cover up the top half of your arms as well.

Wear the suit backwards so that the back of it covers your stomach instead of the front:

  • If you are wearing a one-piece, then wear it like a dress and put on pants or shorts over the top to cover up your butt.
  • Wear spandex shorts under sundresses for an unexpected twist!
    This trick works for any kind of sleeveless garment.
    So if you have a dress with short sleeves, wear it backwards so that the back covers your arms and then put on some cute bracelets to take up space as well!
  • Wear tank tops over sweaters or long sleeve shirts for an unexpected twist!

Wear arm warmers on either side of your body when you are not in the water to help conceal any areas where skin may show through:

  • Put a shirt on underneath to cover your arms.
  • Wear jewellery that can be seen when you are in the water (long necklaces) to distract the eye.
  • Choose a swimsuit style with tucks in front or side to add volume and body to your arms.
  • Wear arm warmers on either side of your body when you are not in the water to help conceal any areas where skin may show through.

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