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10 Embarrassing Celebrity Moment

These are some of the shameless moment of these celebs . I know they want us to forget about it but we will keep it going . Embarrassing for them but entertainment for us .

#1 Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a beautiful woman but 5 years ago she had her wardrobe malfunction at the 2012 Emmy’s .  After they won Best Comedy Series award ( Modern Family  ) , Sofia Vergara dress just burst open 2 minutes before they got the award . 

#2 Angelina Jolie

10 Embarrassing Celebrity Moment

This was Angelina Jolie makeup fail moment , how did this even happen ? You would think she used a mirror after getting dress . Brad Pit open the door for his partner , does he not look at her ? You would think a guy would notice his date face . 


#3 Fergie Duhamel

10 Embarrassing Celebrity Moment

Fergie Duhamel now 42 had a low point in her career , she was apart of the Black Eyed Peas . Performing with the Black Eyed Peas in 2005 she accidentally wet herself on stage . 

She explained 

‘We were late for stage, driving down the freeway, it’s Friday traffic…get to the stage, we have to start right the show.

‘I’m running on and we jump and do Let’s Get It Started, and I get crazy and I jump and I run across the stage and my adrenaline was going and gosh.’


#4 Britney Spears


britney spears

Britney Spears had a stumble while on stage. The Pop singer just started to fall and had nothing to hold onto as she hit the stage  . She hurt her ankle from the fall  ouch . 


#5 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga meat dress may have been one of the dumbest thing she have done . We know she like to be extra for the attention but that was one of her fail embarrassing moment . 


#6 Paris Hilton 

Paris had her peek a boo moment there says the dress made her look like a princess . Did anyone let her know that Princess’s wear underwear . Although it was her birthday doesn’t mean she was wiser . She was  giving photographers more than they were expecting but lets give her a break . 


#7 Nick Cannon

Nick please take some kissing lesson . 

#8 Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull

Pitbull getting a boner on stage at the AMA’s while performing with Jlo .


#9 Selena Gomez 

Selena Gomez having side boob wardrobe malfunction . 

#10 Katy Perry

In 2008 Katy Perry was doing her onstage performance , jumping into a cake . She then Skid on some frosting into the crowd . That is a moment to remember and take note , dont go jumping into cakes and not prepare for what may happen after . 

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