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Man Impregnating Identical Twins at the Same Time, This May Go Really Bad

The year just started but these twins not wasting no time to make the wtf list. Anna and Lucy De Cinque are the self-proclaimed ‘world’s most identical twins’. The sisters already share a lot – their birthdays, looks, fashion, plastic surgeries.




They’ve even shared the same boyfriend, Ben Byrne, since 2012. So obviously they’d want to be pregnant at the same time to keep up their identical appearances, right? And I guess it only makes sense that Benny boy would do the job.


Ok Then!



They Want to give birth at the same time, hey got to keep up with the twin thing.


Whats his rate of survival ?



The Tri also wanted to get married back in 2016 but at the moment its illegal to marry two people at once in Australia. So they have to wait for now but at least they can still be a parents.


They will sure have a interesting family tree none the least. The children would not only be half-siblings, but cousins too.And Ben would be the father to both of them, as well as their uncle.



What do you think?

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