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Oops I Got a Cough and it’s funny af

Ready to chuckle? Get ready for some unexpected hilarity! Ever had that moment when a cough sneaks up on you just as the camera starts rolling? It’s like the universe’s way of adding a comedic twist to your day! From awkward throat-clearing to trying to stifle a sneeze, we’ve all been there. Join us for a laughter-filled journey as we explore the side-splitting world of funny coughing moments caught on camera. Get ready to laugh until your sides ache

Funny How that failed

The little things that make sense

Funny memes

Everyone should be pulling off them bra in the fight.


Random gif that needs to be seen

It happens in every relationship, either you like it or not

Very Talented lady

The trill is in the hunt, catch it an you win a prize

Sometimes less is more in this case its not but great photo

If you understand you understand, if you don’t level up

Bra Read the sign

I ask the same question

Blue with a little wave

sometimes you just need to know


Survey was right

It doesn’t get better than this

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Nicki Minaj is pregnant

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