kim kardashian diet lollipop backlash

kim Kardashian diet lollipop backlash

kim Kardashian diet lollipop backlash
Kim Kardashian diet lollipop backlash

The Internet Got Crazy a few days ago after Kim Kardashian Posted a Ads on Instagram Promoting a Diet Lolipop. 

Kim was labeled a “terrible and toxic influence on young girls” by British TV presenter Jameela Jamil, 32 after the reality star encouraged her 111 million Instagram followers to eat the Flat Tummy Co. product to suppress their appetites.

Kim later Deleted the post, after her followers and even some celebrities, started bashing her for the diet lollipop.  

A Few tweets from Kim Twitter 

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but These weren’t the only tweets and even her followers wanted to get a word in about the diet lollipops 

but these where only a few of the tweets, for more you can check out the full post here 

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