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10 of the most hottest fitness Girls of 2019 chosen by us here at . These are the hottest fitness babes we have stumble upon . We have seen a  lot of hot fitness babes but we are just narrowing our list to the top 10 for 2019 some new faces too  . Most of these fitness models are popular on Instagram and you will see just why they are on our list . 

1. Hot fit girls : Genesis Lopez

Look at her tell us we are wrong , she is definitely an hot fitness models . She has a great body that she is not afraid to flaunt.

She is definitely one of the Hot fit girls of 2019 . At this moment she has over 80k followers, the numbers are likely to increase with time. 

Fitness Girl

Hottest Fitness girl

2. Maya Abou Rouphael hot fitness girls

Maya Abou Rouphael is a British born . She is beautiful and hot so for sure she would be on this list.

She may be from London  but she is holding her own gaining followers daily , at  the moment well over 200k followers on her Instagram account. 

Hot Fitness girls

Hottest Fitness girls

Want to see more Maya abou Rouphael 

3. Femme Felis Instagram hot fitness girls

Femme Felis is a a though blonde chick , she is one of of new favorite fitness model of 2019 . 

She is a ll about making muscle sexy and she is doing a great job at it .  She is our hot fitness girl from Europe , at the moment she has over 700k followers . 

hottest fitness girls 2018

4. Fitness girl : Nay Jones

Nay Jones is packed with muscles , ready to slay and that is why she is on our list . She is well rounded woman with a beautiful muscular body . 

She works out a lot so you guys can appreciate that . 

5. Hannah Fallis Bronfman Fitness models

This beautiful lady is partner with Adidas to help promote some fitness care package . 

She is not only a hot finesse model but also a DJ with 400k+ followers . 

6. Mikayla Zazon Fitness Models

Mikayla Zazon is about elf love , healing the overweight , she is somebody you would want to know that can relate to most of the population .

She is a beautiful bombshell that you will certainly enjoy seeing more of. Hot fitness girls and Mikayla is not just about fitness she also loves fashion .

At the moment she has close to 80k followers.

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7. Chontel Duncan – Hot fitness models

Chontel Duncan is not just a hot fitness girl , she is a strong working mom of 2 sons . She co-owns a gym with her husband Sam .

8. Fitness Girl : Genevieve Ava

For the guys who love Asian here is a fitness model you may want to follow . She is a gorgeous hot Filipino fitness model . She also compete as a bikini athlete so she is not just a health freak but enjoy flaunting her bikini body .

Its rae to see Asian girl with this type of body , she is the full package guys .

9 . Victoria Lomba hot fitness girls

Victoria Lomba is one of the more popular model on this list . She has over 4.5mil followers, she is fit and curvy . 

Her body is full in every part . 

10. Hot Fitness Girls : ALICE MATOS

This incredible fitness girl has the right amount of femininity and sexiness . She is an body builder with a beautiful thick body that she has to be on our 2019 hot fitness girls list . 

She will certainly get your heart racing if you ever need something new to look . Beautiful fit girls with abs

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