Fall Decor Ideas for Your Porch, Patio or Deck

Fall is a great season for outdoor living. It’s also a good time to start thinking about how you can spruce up your home’s exterior space. Here are some ideas on how to add color and style to your front porch this year.

Add Some Color with Pumpkins.

If you love pumpkins, then you’ll love these DIY pumpkin projects. You can make them into wreaths, lanterns, planters, or even a centerpiece.

Create an Autumnal Table Setting.

Autumnal Table

To bring out the beauty of autumn, try creating a table setting with items that will help you enjoy the season. Start by choosing a beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers. Then add a few candles and a small bowl of apples. Finally, set a plate of warm cookies next to a glass of milk.

Bring Out the Harvest with Pumpkin Candles.

You can also use pumpkin as an accent piece for other holiday décor. Try placing a pumpkin centerpiece on top of a dining room table or even a coffee table. If you’d rather keep things simple, simply place a pumpkin candle in a decorative holder.

Go Green with Fresh Herbs.

A few fresh herbs can add a lot of flavor to any dish. They can also help make food more nutritious by adding vitamins and minerals. Here’s how to choose the right ones for your kitchen.

Lighten Up with Foliage

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If you’re looking for fall foliage, you’ll need to go outside. You might not see much color until late October, so plan ahead. Check out our list of places where you can find autumnal colors.

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