Cute Dorm Room Ideas

This dorm room brings a personal touch with its photo-grid-shaped wall just off of your bed. This comfy, chic dorm room brings in plenty of texture via a macrame hanging on the wall and an abundance of decorative pillows. A bit of gold paint and two bricks makes for a nice idea for dorm decor, which also doubles as space-saving.

Keep dorm decor simple with statement pieces, such as this vintage filing cabinet. Attach hooks on your ceiling to suspend lights or divide curtains, or slap on fun decor on the walls of your dorm. You can also make dorm room space and decor look bigger with sticky-on hooks on the walls. Plastic or wood folding room dividers are also good options for dorm decor.

Cute Dorm Room Ideas

Cute Dorm Room Ideas

Since space may be limited in dorm rooms, you might consider adding a comfortable, cozy headboard to your bed for added comfort. Bunking up your bed and adding a sofa under it is a clever use of space, and it completely transforms your room into a fun place to lounge. Create a perfect dorm room ideas for girls putting the bed up on stilts and getting a cheap futon to go under.

If you love sitting on the bed for reading or studying, or if you have a mid-night peeing emergency, having extra little bedroom lighting options scattered throughout your bedroom is nice. If you want to light up dark areas of your space, such as your wardrobe or underneath a loft bed, you can install LED lighting strips to help light the space. If you have fluorescent lights in the room, an off-the-shelf light can add a softer, softer glow, rather than having you solely relying on the harsh lighting above.

This hip dorm room has very little natural light, but an artful piece of DIY wall art gives you the illusion of an off-window. The pale yellow walls and touches of gold throughout the decor offer contrast and prevent this dorm room from feeling overcrowded.

Your room will be the most interesting one in your dorm, thanks to the simple yet effective color scheme of black and white. Your room will be the shiniest in the dorm if you utilize pieces that have soft colors and luxe textures. Your room will be the place to hang out (and shoot videos) with that classy decor.

Save space

Cute Dorm Room Ideas

Since your dorm room is the space where you will make many memories, making sure that you get the best organization products and decor touches is a crucial way to instantly feel at home. The best college dorm room decorations do not just have character, they create an inviting space that feels like home . While most spaces are small and uninspiring, there are plenty of ways you can decorate a college dorm room so that it is attractive and inviting.

Whether you are starting college for the first time or you are looking to freshen up your dorm, you want decorating ideas that are simple, fun, and inexpensive.

Your new dorm room is a blank canvas, calling out for posters, photos, string lights, and more dorm decorating ideas to make your college years count. When I moved into my first college dorm, I was eager to create an aesthetic in my room. We had an absolute blast planning our daughters dorm room layouts over the weeks leading up to moving my daughter to her first-year dorm (if you missed it, see this dorm room essentials post featuring all our favorite dorm bathroom, bedding, desk, and decor items that we found during our research).

Whether studying, socializing, binge-watching Netflix, or napping, Realhomes has pulled together our favorite dorm room looks that are both trendy and comfy (including turning that less-than-nice bed into one that lets you sleep on it without sore backs). From interesting themes to inventive layouts, browse through our best dorm room ideas to find an interesting set-up featuring comfy bedding, awesome wall art, stunning lighting, and a stylish design that you will love. Then, once you have laid out your decorating strategy, be sure to add personal touches like personalised dorm room decorations such as wall art, mugs containing photos, throw pillows, and more. If you are not already dying to redecorate your room, these dorm floor plans ideas should work.

Treat your dorm room like a rental property, and try some wall stickers, such as this wall planner by Wayfair (open in new tab) shown above, as well as paint your own studs with colors coordinated to your room decor. Whether you are hanging photos of family members or simply beautiful landscapes, wall art helps customize the room and make it feel homey. Wall hangings are not only for dorm rooms, either: If you have a blank wall in one of your kids rooms, a cheap tapestry is a simple, easy decorating solution.

A large tapestry covering the wall with neutral colors simply looks beautiful. For a simple pop of color, check out these cheap dots you can easily place on your dorm walls.

Lightweight tapestries can help mask nasty dorm walls, and they can be stylish additions to any bedding choices your teens have made. Choose beds that look and feel amazing, from boho-chic to the perfect checkered. Staying within your color scheme is made extra easy thanks to the options for a bed-in-a-bag. When shopping for your dorm room necessities, you are going to want to invest in some nice, comfy bedding, including a comforter, pillows, and mattress pad.

While you cannot bring the rooms in your familys house with you to a dorm, you can do a pretty darned good job of that with upholstered furniture, wall decorations, and that kind of stuff. Let us get real for a second, college life can be busy, and decorations can get pricey, so it can be good to keep things simple (and cheap) in your room.

Bohemian styles

Cute Dorm Room Ideas

Bohemian styles are all over the place, so why not channel this Instagrammable style with tons of pale pinks and burnt oranges, woven wall hangings, heaps of throw pillows, and lots of the best indoor plants available (because that dorm room air can be pretty shitty, so the benefits of indoor plants definitely come into play here). This funky room-decor idea is a Shutterfly favorite, and it is so simple to pull off. You can even add a room divider by hanging curtains or a tapestry from strings, hooks, or shower curtain tension rods for a little bit of privacy.

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