Completely Inappropriate Toy Designs We Can’t Believe Really Exist

Toys are suppose to be cute and fun for kids to play with. In a perfect world maybe we would have that but some toys creator let you ask, “what were they thinking”. The toys in this gallery are not cute or comfy that you are your children will like to cherish.


1 . A Real Life Expression 


Where do these people live? What real life expression is this toy doing?


2. Pretty Death



What were they thinking , even with this name?


3. The Avenging Narwhal


The Avenging Narwhal has 3 toys victim is all you need to see.


4. Sad Plushie


this plushie at a toy store ( for kids may i add)
byu/busy-sloth inCrappyDesign


I am not sure what they were going for with this but we can all see its crying and surprise when you put your hand down its hole. 


5. mmm


Why they had to make the spout at that spot ?


6. “Feel Me”

Child rapist test
byu/NarwhalCat99 inCrappyDesign


Was that the only place they could have put the hole? So inappropriate .


7. This spongbob 


Just put that somewhere else!


8. Tinkerbell


They knew what they were doing, smh.


9. Spider- Man

This fantastic toy.
by inCrappyDesign



10. Coat Hook



Not sure they think this through , but I have to question the designer sanity.


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