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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Celebrity go under the knife fro different reason could be to defy age, trying to enhance their beauty whatever the reason may be. What we do know you dont want to be on this list.


Plastic surgery can be good for your career or break it , some result are better than others . Here are 10 celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. 


1. Tara Reid Before And After/Plastic Surgery

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As you can see her breast was a quite small but today she is sporting a more heavy rock!. Turned out to be a disaster as it started to sag, which it shouldn’t. 

She also has surgery done on her stomach “I had body contouring, but it all went wrong, my stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing.” She later went back and had reconstructive surgery on her Tommy. 

2. Donatella Versace Before And After/Plastic Surgery


Lets be real here , was never a good look to begin with but after her surgery she really went down hill. Changes to her lips was the most obvious job she had done.

3. Val Kilmer Before And After/Plastic Surgery


Here is another victim of plastic surgery . The handsome face once known to the world is no where to be found today. 


4. Tori Amo Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong



Tori Amos pulled her face so tight that she resemble something from a sci-fi movie lol. 


5. Daryl Hannah Before And After/Plastic Surgery



We are a long way from splash . She once blasted celebrity that did surgery and claimed she is afraid of cosmetic surgery. Now look what we have today …..


6. Jocelyn Wildenstein Before And After/Plastic Surgery



Its reported that she spent 4 million to get the look on the right. After looking at the before look cant blame her for trying anything at that point.

7. Lara Flynn Boyle Before And After/Plastic Surgery

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Most young start feel pressure to look a certain way. She has lots of facial fillers and injection on her face. Now her face is stretched out and saggy. 


8. Lisa Rinna Before And After/Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery gone wrong , cant get much worse than this. Trying to defy age but this is just an disaster. She wanted to achieve fuller lips but here is the attention she getting. I dont think this was the type of attention she was hoping for.


9. Ray Liotta Before And After/Plastic Surgery


Once good looking and was aging gracefully but decided to take a chance under the knife. Fans were not well pleased as he was unrecognizable. 


10. Lil Kim Before And After/Plastic Surgery

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The rapper trying hard to keep up with today , undergo all type of surgery over the many years. Looking like a troll today. Well hope this bring her joy, but pretty hard on the eyes for the rest of us.



Nothing against plastic surgery but when it go wrong it help us to create a list like this . So keep it up guys, you keep doing you and we keep writing.


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