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Top 9 best protein shakes recipes

9 best protein shakes recipes for weight loss and a healthy Life Style.

Having a ton of fat isn’t always hot and sometimes exercise alone won’t help to burn that fat off fast enough, so here I’ll list 10 smoothies that will help you to lose weight and keep you slim and trim.  

here is another list of five (5) more Slimming weight loss smoothies you will want to try out 

cherry and pineapple protein shake

I don’t need to tell you the benefits of fruits and how they help you in fat burn and weight loss but they are awesome and this is one of my favorite smoothies and it’s very tasty.

cherry and Pineapple smoothie,

1 cup of cherries  

-1 cup of pineapples 

-1 cup of orange juice

 – 1/2 cup of yogurt

– 1/2 of banana 

Snicker Doodle Protein Shake.

Let me be honest with you, I have never tried this, but I have bffs that live on this stuff and they are as fit as a fiddle, they can jump hoops around me, so try it, you might find its the one for you.

snicker doodle smoothie

– 2 Scoops Vi-Shape Shake Mix

– 8-10 light vanilla soy milk

– 1 tsp cinnamon

– 1 tbsp honey

– 4 – 6 ice cubes

cafe coffee smoothie

Coffee is an energy boost and the more energy you have the more weight you lose when you exercise so this protein shake works well with your workout routine.

cafe coffee smoothie

– 1 cup milk

-1 tbs instant coffee

– 2 scoops of Vi-shape shake mix

– 1 chocolate shape health flavor mi in

– ice cubes 

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

This is another Tasty treat and will leave you wanting more 

chocolate cherry smoothie

– Greek Yogurt

– Frozen Cherries

– Baby Spinach

– honey -Chia Seeds

– Chocolate Almond Milk 

Fat Burner Creamy Berry

this one works really well if you are doing that fat burner work out it also helps with belly fat. fat burner shake

– 6 Ounces of Water

– 2 Scoops of LifeCore powder

– 6 Strawberries

– 1 banana

– 1 tbs raw almond butter

– 6 ounces orange juice

– 3-5 almond milk ice cubes

(freeze milk in cube tray 

Banana Kiwi cooler

I hate Kiwi but its healthy AF and mix with a banana its fulls you up

Banana kiwi cooler

– 8 oz skim milk

– 2 scoops Vi-shape shake mix

– 1/2 small frozen banana

– 1 banana flavor packet

– 1/2 cup fresh kiwi slices (peeled)

– 6 ice cubes 

Green Weight Loss Smoothie. 

Put all the ingredients in your blender, mi and serve! Take every morning before or instead of your breakfast, you’re sure to lose weight and you will start seeing the result in no time. 


– frozen Peaches

– frozen mango chunks

– fresh bananas

– fresh Orange Juice

– Chia / Flaxseeds

– Raw Maca Powder

– Spinach 


Cafe Mocha

-2 scoop chocolate whey protein powder

– 1 tsp. instant coffee or 12 oz. cold coffee

– 12 oz. non-fat milk, or soy, rice or almond milk 4-6 ice cubes

– blend and enjoy this cafe mocha delight!

Peach Creamsicle

– 1 cup milk

– cup mixed frozen fruit that includes peaches

– 2 scoops vi shape shake mix

– peach shape- up health flavor mix- in 

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