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The Weird Cute and Cuddly (funny Animals 20 photos)

I can never get tired of seen animal Cuteness especially when they are doing something crazy funny

What street was he walking on lol

Cute dog

Everyone needs a thinking cat

Funny animals

He looks too happy it’s creeping me out

He would of to walk with that smile

Weird dog

Yep that’s how it works

Silly dog

Yep that’s my expression

Funny looking dog

Ok it looks funny from here

Funny dog swimming

He is smart

Yep cat fish all the way

OMG lol

Lol funny animals

Send him back to the pet shop

Funny memes and dogs

I think that’s what max wanted a

Funny animals

He looks like the loving type

Animal Cuteness

The one at the back looks jelly


Lol got that right

Cute dog

What’s he smiling about


Lol don’t mess with his food

I have know idea what this is

Now i have seen everything

Get your own

Think i have seen this guy on YouTube


What do you think?

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