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How to Dye Your Hair

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Dying you’re hair at home is not hard , here are simple steps you will need to follow . Wash your hair  24 to 48 hours earlier than dyeing. Doing this permits the pure oils in your hair to develop which in flip permits the dye to bind to your hair extra simply. The dye will mix extra naturally along with your hair, and that tends to make it last more.

Things you will need :

Towel or old t shirt

Disposable gloves

2 box of Hair dye

Container to mix dye in


Application brush

Step 1 : Strand test , dont skip this step if you are trying new shade , do this before committing .

Step 2 : Place your towel around your shoulder , making sure you cover your body and clothes . You don’t want to stain anything else beside you’re hair .

Step 3 : De-tangle your hair , apply Vaseline around your hairline, neck  and ears , put your gloves on .

Step 4: Mix your dye with the developer , this is usually included  in the kit .

L’Oreal Excellence Creme Haircolor

Step 5 : Start applying the dye to the hair , 1 inches from the scalp . Apply in sections and be sure you cover all your head .

Step 6 : Let the dye sit on your hair according to the instruction on you’re dye kit .

Step 7 : When the dye time is up , rinse you’re hair with lukewarm water , and dont worry if you see the color running that is normal .

Step 8 : Wait a hour before shampooing the hair . Use the conditioner that comes with the dye kit or you can used you’re own deep conditioner .

Dry and style as usual 

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