How Selena Gomez Feels About Justin Bieber’s Engagement to Hailey Baldwin, According to Every Reputable Tabloids’ Sources


On Sunday, the day news of Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin broke, his on-off ex Selena Gomez looked unbothered on a boat named Justine. Since then, tabloids have run reports from their Gomez sources hammering home the fact that SELENA GOMEZ DOES NOT CARE ABOUT JAILEY GETTING MARRIED AND IS GREAT, THANKS. Others stressed how little she thinks about the Biebs and how honestly, it never would have worked out with him anyway.

Here, a roundup of what they’re all saying.

TMZ just ran footage of paparazzi asking Gomez about Bieber’s engagement. She said nothing, kept her glance away, did not make eye contact, and just entered her car. There was no hostile vibe as much as there was the clear impression Gomez did not feel like answering any questions then.

Gomez and Bieber don’t talk anymore, so he’s not really on her mind, a source told People“They haven’t spoken in months. She hasn’t been talking about him since they ended things again earlier this year,” that source said. (Bieber and Gomez went on that permanent break at the end of February.) “It was never a healthy situation for Selena and Justin.”

But Gomez is working on new music and projects. “She hasn’t been thinking about Justin. She’s in a great place and is very happy.”

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