Halle Berry Is ‘No Bra Club’ In Top 2019 Pics: Includes Sweat-Drenched Abs & See-Through Wet Shirt

Halle Berry has shared her top nine favorite photos of 2019 on Instagram. The Oscar-winning actress took to the platform on Monday with a post chronicling the year’s highs – let’s not forget that the “Bruised” star was literally bruised as she suffered an injury in a fight scene for her upcoming MMA movie.

It’ll get sexy with Halle, but it’s never too provocative – that’s best left to Kylie Jenner and the lingerie “thirst trap” she posted over the weekend.

Opening With A Soaking Wet & See-Through Wet Shirt

Halle opened her post with a celebration of femininity. The star was seen rocking a soaking-wet and see-through white tank top, appearing braless. “No bra club” was written across the shirt.

The second snap brought out Halle’s washboard abs – and these abs are on a whole other level. Halle had lifted up her training shirt to reveal her sweat-drenched torso. A reminder, it would seem, that this 53-year-old has the abs to rival starlets half her age

Original source : The Blast

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