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Hair Tips on Maintaining Healthy Relaxed Hair


These are tips I have used to keep my relax hair long and healthy even after it was bleached .

Never relax before 6 weeks , I would normally relax every 6-8 weeks never let anyone tell you to apply relaxer anytime sooner . Never over process the hair , do not apply relaxer to already relax hair .

I would normally wash my hair with normal shampoo every two weeks (diluted) to get rid of products build up. You dont have to do this , if your hair is dry do not used so much shampoo , you can try only washing once a month to get rid of products and stripping your hair too much of its natural oil .

Co-wash at least once a week with your favorite moisturizing conditioner , some people do it twice a week it all depends on how long your hair lock in  moisture .

Do a deep condition treatment once a week / bi-weekly for extra moisture and strength. Protein  and moisturizing deep conditioner . Both are very important , whenever you do a protein treatment always follow up with a moisturizing treatment .


Keep your hair moisturize , always, this is every important . If your hair is moisturized you do not need protective styling . I am not a fan of protective style so I keep my ends moisturized at always . Apply moisturizer and seal with essential oil such as  Virgin  Olive Oil and Coconut Oil  .

I suggest avoiding direct heat , such as blow dryer , flat/curling iron . If you must used heat , always use a  heat protector/serum before applying heat to the hair . Do not used heat daily , it will dry your hair out and cause breakage ( tips on how to stop hair breakage) .

Let your hair air dry , this is what I do , I only used my hooded dryer when I have to and I be sure to used heat protector .

Used essential oil (natural oil) not  petroleum jelly ( Vaseline )  

I love using , Carrot Oil , Olive Oil and Coconut Oil . Always best to used virgin Coconut and Olive oil i, these are natural with little to no chemical . These will help to lack in moisture in the hair and condition the hair . There are many other essential oils to choose from .

Trim your hair when needed , if your ends are damage over time trim them .  I normally dust my ends every time I relax. This is a preference and optional .

Night routine , you should used Satan are silk scarf to wrap your hair at night . If that is not your style used a silk pillow case to prevent breakage you may get from cotton material .

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