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Before Bed Beauty Care

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Taking care of our natural beauty is important for most people for all ages. We dont want to always cover our flaws we want to keep them away . There are simple before bed tips to keep our skin beautiful for a long time .

Wash your face before bed , we spent lots of time throughout the day out doors and through dusty weather . So washing that dirt off your face is important before bed . Keep our face clean for dirt and oil that will clog our pores as we sleep .

Remove you’re makeup : Also using skin care products such as makeup, you should always remove these from your face before bed . Use your makeup remover rather wipes or liquid , whichever you want to use. If you do not do this ,  your skin may develop dark spots from irritation .  Keep you’re face clean and healthy as you sleep .

Apply cream , if you have dry skin apply a moisturizing cream that is non-pores clogging . You dont want to apply anything heavy that will clog you’re pores as you sleep but you want to keep your’re skin rejuvenated , young and beautiful .

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