9 Cutest Animals With Gigantic Ears

Of course it’s the proportional size that matters not the actual measurements. Most of you would just think of an elephant as the bearer of the world’s biggest ears. And you’d be right, but some other critters have even bigger ears (proportionally), and for a good reasons, too.


Without further ado, here are 9 cutest animals with the biggest, floppiest, and most veiny… ears!



1. California Leaf-nosed Bat
Naturally, a beast that can’t see too well (which by the way, is a myth but I needed a segue) must have one or more of its senses heightened. California leaf-nose bat’s hearing would put to shame even the most advanced human technology! Out of all the bat species in the world, these guys have the biggest ears, which they use to hunt bugs in the dark. You know, echolocation.



2. Black-Tailed Jackrabbit
You’ve all seen rabbits either in the wild or on TV, so you know their most distinctive feature is a pair of long ears. But not all rabbits are created equally. The black-tailed jackrabbit, which you can find in the western United States and Mexico. These big ears are useful for locating the potential danger.



3. Serval
Who’s a cute kitty? This African serval is the cutest feline I’ve ever seen! And look at those humongous ears… d’awww! 10/10 would get scratched to death just to cuddle this beast.



4. African Bush Elephant
Pretty obvious that the African Bush elephant is on this list. Big flat ears, weighs a ton, got a handy-dandy trunk. It’s an elephant, people, what did you expect? But did you know that elephants flap them back and forth, creating air currents, to get some chill? Neat!


5. Aye-Aye
This little ugly fellow is called the aye-aye, and it’s a lemur (technically). Aye-ayes are famous for their extra-long middle finger, and freaky eyes. However the ears aren’t small either, and it’s all that matters for this list. Next!



6. Galago
Can you believe people call these adorable squirrel-looking primates Bush Babies? Big eyes and ears, fluffy fur… they’re basically like cats! Only their cry in the middle of the night sounds like a human baby is being eaten alive. That and the eyes shining in the night was enough for the African kids to mistake the Galago for demons.



7. Long-Eared Jerboa
These little rodents from Mongolia and Western China have extremely oversized ears, hence their name – long-eared jerboa. Usually their ears are 30% longer than their heads, which is quite a feat.



8. Bilby
Judging by their name, Rabbit Bandicoots aka Bilby are from Australia. And hey, look at that, they are. Possibly one of the few creatures on that won’t kill you in the good old ‘Straya. The sad part is that these fluff balls are currently one of the endangered species, but people are trying to correct this grave injustice.



9. Fennec Fox
Saved the best for last! Fennec fox is without a doubt the most lovable, huggable critter on this planet! And its large ears are the most adorable out of all the competitors. I can’t believe fennecs can hear their prey moving even underground! Their beauty became their biggest weakness. People are selling them as pets on the black market, and as much as I’d love to have one, poaching these lovelies should be punishable by death. Not the most popular opinion, but what can you do.



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