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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Trust Girls On The Internet

The internet is the land of the weird and the lies . Watch out for every little sign because there is a big chance that hot girl you see is a trap . There is so much lies behind the camera , makeup- , filters , Photoshop to make even the most ugly duckling and beautiful swan . Have you ever saw a girl who you thought was super hot only to found out this so call girl is a guy?  or the slim girl you saw is really not that slim  ? Or her beautiful skin you you think is so flawless is really bad but cover under tons of makeup .

To fake how you look in photos are easy with simple tricks of Photoshop , light and makeup . So to avoid getting catfish you need to look deeper .


This girl master the Camera 

Same girl different pose


The slight forward trick these girls are good


The photoshop

You go for girls with big boobs you may get a little more than you liking 

And the makeup is off , terrible acne leaving you with trust issue .

Reason you should practice before bed beauty care .

What sorcery is this 

No need for filter when you can crap the extra out 

Now the ultimate betrayal , the cute girl you fall in love with is really a guy . Traps!!

Guys out there with great makeup skills , catfish at its finest . 

You would never think that face goes with that body 


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