OMG I Just Fell in Love With These Micro Pegs

Cute micro pigs cute animals pigs


Micro Pige 

Being a Texas girl, I grow up on a form, So I have been around a pig are two.
But for some reason I have never really been that crazy for pigs, I'm not sure why.
But after I meet my first micro pig that all changed I mean just look at these guys tell me your not in love.

Micro pig so small

He will be eating strawberry for about a week or two 

Look at that cute micro nose

OMG Just look at that little nose 

OMG the chicken and him is the same size

You can see that they are BFF already 

My little unicorn pig

Its Almost Halloween time can yiu guees what he is going to be 

See what I'm talking about now

Twins aren't they the most adorable little pigs ever 

Time for a belly rub

Who Wants A Belly Rub 

Look at that smile he most be happy to see you

He Most be Happy to see me look at that big smile 

This one's a trouble maker

he looked like he had fun playing in the snow 

Look just like my piggy bank

the only piggy bank you cant use to save money

Is this Peppa pig

Peppa Pig Jumping in w muddy puddle. 

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