Jaimie-Beth Insta Babe


 About Jamie 

“A born and bread fun-loving South-African now living in London. Jaimie-Beth first came over to London in 2014 to focus on her modelling career. ” 

“Having started her modelling career over 10 years ago, Jaimie is now hugely active in the fitness world too. A qualified PT and health coach, she enjoys her time training and teaching at some of the top boutique fitness studios in London. “



“Growing up in sunny South-Africa, with parents who were both war journalists, she definitely enjoys the more dangerous side of life. She has been lucky enough to live a life packed full of action-sports and outdoor activities, which she enjoys most. From Shark-cage diving, Motocross, to sport fire-arm shooting (just to name a few) she definitely considers herself to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie and is always looking for the next best, fastest or most dangerous activity to do. “



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