Hope Howard Former Military Veteran With a Hot Body


Meet Hope Howard this Military Vet leave the Air Force to become a Instagram model . We featured some awesome fitness girls with abs




Hope Howard now slaying Instagram instead of the Air force , one of the hottest Fitness Model with a  nice booty too . 


” When I was young I grew up for part of my life in a 1 bedroom house where me, my mom, dad, and sister all slept together. I watched my parents start their own business and get us out of that situation. I don’t come from privilege and I know what it means to be poor but I’m not embarrassed about it. I’ve had to fight extremely hard to get to where I’m at and I have so much farther to go. You see, what I do is so much bigger then myself. Thank you to all that support me! “

We appreciate the choice you have made !


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